Will write for what?

Over Labor Day weekend, a group of 21 student journalists gave up their holiday to pay their way to travel down to Hollywood, Florida and hangout in a homeless shelter and makeshift newsroom running off of caffeine and adrenaline.

They are the members of Will Write for Food 2014, and slightly insane.

Within 36 hours, they put together a 24 page print edition of The Homeless Voice newspaper. This newspaper is then sold by the residents of Coalition Of Service And Charity (COSAC) homeless shelter on the streets of various Floridian cities to help fund the continuation of the shelter.

This is the what happened.


*take note that at the bottom of each story, there are the tags: print, web and web-exclusive. If tagged as a web-exclusive, the content is featured solely on this website and is the product of additional work by the journalist.


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